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Huron Merchandise

Degree Frame - Executive

Degree Frame - Executive

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This is a luxurious Italian moulding that features a classic swan’s neck design. It is layered with two coats of water based lacquer, giving its wine colour a rich, glossy finish. It is assembled with a Crescent brand triple white core acid free ECO mat, red over gold over red. The Huron University College logo is hot stamped in gold foil.

Moulding width---1.59”


Frame Details from Milburn Universal Designs:

All of our frames are made of solid hardwood. All wood used for our moulding profiles is harvested from controlled and regulated tree farms, where strict re-forestation policies are enforced. For every tree cut down at least one new seedling is planted.

All mats in our frames are made of 100% recycled materials. All surface papers are produced with environmentally friendly colourants and all components are laminated with natural, environmentally sound starch adhesives.

Our frames are made in Canada and are sold with a quality guarantee against any defects.

*Important note: Frames are usually shipped and received within 10-12 business days of ordering. Shipping of frames is only available to locations within Canada*

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